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Unless marked (first white page, right-hand corner), most used paperback books are Ĺ cover price (ľ cover price with book credit) Example: A book with a $5.95 cover price will cost $2.97, with book credit it will cost $1.49.  Note: Expensive used paperbacks are reduced even more than 50% of cover price: a $15 paperback may be priced as low $5 or $2.50 with book credit.

Hardback Books & Mags

Hardback books priced as marked. Natíl Geo ($1.00) "Thin" Romance books $1.00

New Books
priced as marked

Book Credit

Turn in your books for book credit. You can use your book credit for up to 50% off of each used book you buy.

Book credit can only be used on used books.

Local Authors

Stephen Pytak's

  • The .40 Caliber Mouse

L.L. Thrasher's

  • (1) Charlie's Web

  • (2) Charlie's Bones (both mystery books)

J. Robert Zane's

  • (1) 1902! The Great Coal Strike in Shenandoah, PA

  • (2) The Schuylkill County Book

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